Leather and Lace and Studs OH MY!

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    So guys, I know I haven’t posted in a million years, but I went to a preview party at the Newbury St. M.A.C. store for their new Glitter and Ice collection that’s coming out in a couple of weeks.

    AMAZING! I’m telling you this winter collection I love so much more than the one they came out with last year that was that weird tartan collection. This one has much prettier packaging, and the colors are so much nicer and they have much more to choose from.

    They had 3 paint pots, which I didn’t really love (pretty colors but I don’t like their consistency. Def not for oily lidded people). There were I believe 6 technikohl liners, all either shimmery or metallic. The ones I can remember were a black with silver shimmer, a dark purple with shimmer, and a brown one with a bit of shimmer(I ended up picking this up). There were two beauty powders, a pinkish one and a more bronzey one, I didn’t really look at either of these. They had nailpolish, which I didn’t look at. That’s all I can remember, but they did have a TON of gift sets, I saw three eye sets, a couple of lip sets and there were brush sets I think. The brushes had cute like clear plastic handles. The sets all came in silver boxes, so fetch (like the mean girls reference?)

    I only ended up picking up two products from this line. All the makeup products from this line come in this really cute shiny white plastic packaging. The lipstick I picked up was a dark berry satin color called What Joy! and then a technikohl eyeliner called Seasonally Spicy. I love both of these products so hard! The lipstick is perfect for fall and winter and I feel like is so sophisticated looking and just pretty! Loves. I haven’t found a berry color that has had a good texture, a lot of them I’ve tried are either too oily or too dry. It’s also not too purple, so that was good.

    The seasonally spicy eyeliner is awesome! It’s great to wear with the lipstick, or any darker lipsticks because as opposed to a black liner, it’s not too harsh and you can wear darker lipsticks without looking like a hooka’. Lol. It’s a really pretty color, and I definitely see it as a good everyday liner, especially for really fair skinned folks that have light colored hair, since it wouldn’t be too harsh. It applies really well and is super creamy, but it doesn’t smudge as the day goes on. Yesterday when I was wearing this liner, I got POURED ON! As in it was raining ALL day. So every time I had to get to my next class, I was in the rain for a good ten minutes, and when I got home that night, my eyeliner was still in tact. Definitely gonna try more technikohl liners from them in the future.

    I definitely recommend checking out the collection when it launches. Sorry if this post seems kind of disjointed and crazy, I’m at work and the whole time I’ve been writing this post my coworker has been talking my ears off. Lol. Hope you enjoyed this though.

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